Moretonhampstead's Special Qualities

Moretonhampstead's Special Qualities is an informal group of local residents and well-wishers set up to remind planners of those things that are crucial to the historical character and rural setting of the town, and of social importance to its residents. We hope that everyone in Moreton joins – simply by sending the organisers an email to the address below, or a written note of support.

The idea is that when a planning initiative emerges that threatens to damage a significant view or an aspect of the town’s appearance or way of life – including such things as the post office, shops or healthcare services – the steering group will draw up a statement on how it will impact on the ‘special qualities’ of Moreton, and invite all those who have contacted us to support the statement. The statement will then be sent to whichever body needs to see it with the names of all those in favour subscribed. If we can gather several hundred supporters for our statements, they should carry considerable weight.

The steering group consists of seven long-term residents and born-and-bred Moretonians, namely:

  • Poppy Burgess
  • Linda Collier
  • Bill Hardiman
  • Pam Mercer
  • Ian Mortimer (co-ordinator)
  • Mike Warner
The number is small in order for it to act efficiently. Nevertheless, it is hoped that, in these seven people, everyone will find representation and expertise they feel they can trust, plus a deep care for the town.

We are not a pressure group. We don’t all have a single agenda or viewpoint. We are certainly not against development in principle. Rather we aim only to point out where there is a danger that the special qualities of the community are being overlooked. There are some places where development can take place with little damage to the special qualities, and others where construction would have dire consequences. We want to avoid the danger of the latter, along the lines to be seen on the outskirts of recent developments on the outskirts of Chagford and Bovey Tracey.

Please join us by sending an email to contact [at] with your name and address (your contact details will not be published). Please also pass on this information to anyone who might be interested.

Dr Ian Mortimer

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